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Idido Trio

Idido Trio

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Pax & Beneficia has had the unique opportunity to purchase 3 coffees that are the product of the same cherries, picked from the same farms, but have undergone 3 different processing methods.

This allows for a rare chance to clearly experience how processing affects the end-cup profile of a coffee. These 3 offerings, sourced from Denver, CO-based green coffee import company, Unravel Coffee Merchants, come from the Idido washing station, located in the Yirgacheffe region of Ethiopia. These coffees represent the second year that Unravel has worked with the 900 full-time farmers at the Idido washing station. The average farm size of this group is 1.5 hectares, with a yearly production of 450 kg per farmer. In the two years that Unravel has been working in Idido, the price of green coffee from Yirgacheffe has reached a record high, meaning the highest take home for producers in history.

Working closely with Unravel Coffee Merchants owner, Steve Holt, all of Unravel's coffee-producing sites in Ethiopia are overseen by Ashenafi Agraw. With over 15 years of experience in the coffee industry, ranging from working with the Sidama Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union to being Operations Director and Head of Global Sales and Logistics for Ninety Plus Coffee, Ashenafi is an experienced and key individual in Unravel Coffee’s goal of producing and offering remarkable Ethiopian coffee.

These coffees allow you to experience the diverse flavors and characteristics that the Yirgacheffe region of Ethiopia has to offer, as well as how processing can transform a coffee and create a totally different sensory experience.

The Idido Washed offers you a more floral, delicate experience while still boasting plenty of complexity to keep you interested.

The Idido Natural is a fuller-bodied coffee with a distinguished fruit flavor profile.

The Idido Anaerobic boasts a high, candy-like sweetness and a sparkling acidity.

This coffee is harvested by small farm holders.

  • Average farm size is 1.5 hectares/farmer
  • Average Yield/farmer is 450kg
  • Number of farmers in Idido Full-time/Seasonal is 900/1350
Idido Trio
Grower Senay Hailemariam
Region Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia
Process Washed - Natural- Anaerobic
Harvest Full-Time
Variety Heirloom Yirgacheffe Landraces
Altitude 1850-2200 masl