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Something Special | Gitega Hills

Something Special | Gitega Hills

Tasting Notes: Oak, Maple Praline, Orange Marmalade

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Roaster Notes:

This funky number is sure to dazzle. Right off the nose, an oaky aroma of sandalwood invites you to a warm sip of candied maple goodness. The body carries you further into a pecan praline forest where orange marmalade oozes from the trees and leaves you with a zesty acidity. This coffee has such a beautifully round base with nuance abound to produce a quite complex cup. We are so excited to put this coffee on drip so that our every day drinkers can experience something a touch more exotic and adventurous. I am so thrilled to be roasting this funkadelic coffee from the hills of Rwanda.

Importer Notes:

“Gitega Hills washing station is in the hills of Southern Rwanda, just a short drive from the Nyungwe Forest, which has been traced as the furthest source of the Nile River. Bernard Uwitije, a native of the area, had been trading non-washed Ordinary coffee up until 2015, when he realized the potential for fully washed specialty grade coffee. Despite being his first time in fully washed, his overall experience in coffee was a great asset as he began to build his first wet mill. He equipped the station with a 1500kg Penagos machine, fermentation tanks, and raised drying beds. These investments along with strong oversight have yielded very high-quality parchment in his first years of operation, and he has since grown the volume significantly, which led him to build two additional wet mills in the area.”

Something Special | Gitega Hills
Grower Gitega Hills
Region Nyamagabe, Rwanda
Process Washed
Variety Red Bourbon
Altitude 1700 masl
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