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Something Special | Jair Oidor

Something Special | Jair Oidor

Tasting Notes: Cherry Cordial, Rose, Strawberry Wafer Cookie, Cranberry

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Roaster Notes:

This delicate Colombian is a romantic brew that draws you in for a Cherry Cordial kiss. This smooth roaster brewed a sweet and balanced cup. Intoxicating florals cascade from the cup, and deliver rose right to the tip of your nose.The body holds your tongue like a warm hug offering golden waffles and those Strawberry Wafer cookies like granny used to buy. This elegantly comforting first impression is topped with cranberry-like acidity challenging you to come back for more. Each cooler degree unveils nuance and complexity sharp enough to inspire poetry. Take this coffee on a picnic, and you'll write a whole novel about it...maybe that's just me tho. Hope y'all love this bright and juicy number too! Blessed Brewing!! 


Importer Notes:

"Coffee producers of Inzá often share similar values and traditions. Typically handed down through inheritance, each farm is 1-2 hectares and produces 1300 kilos of parchment coffee per season on average. Community members or day laborers are hired during the harvest season while each family maintains their own farm throughout the year. Cherry is processed for defects, depulped and dried on site. Parchment coffee is loaded onto a mule for transport or driven to the nearest dry mill.
When coffee does not require immediate attention most producers focus on growing food for their community. When the opportunity arises some take action on improving construction of their processing areas or homes. Growing coffee is a family tradition and is one of the most exported agricultural crops next to cut flowers in Colombia."

Something Special | Jair Oidor
Grower Inza Collective
Region Cauca, Colombia
Process Washed
Variety Caturra
Altitude 1,800 - 2,000 MASL
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