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Pax & Beneficia Coffee



Tasting Notes: Fermented Grape, Sparkling, Jam

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Info about the farm:

About us | Gasharucoffee

Info on the specific coffee:

Ireme (Authentic) experiment Coffee is inspired by the emotional connection of our family to the coffee community as a whole. Coffee farming, processing, and distribution for consumption have been kept in silos and our family believes that this can change. The idea of this coffee is to provide the most authentic coffee cup of Rwandan coffee to coffee lovers, which makes the consumer think of the producer as the producer also keeps the consumer in mind when processing the coffee. Gasharu coffee team takes great care to monitor and enhance the fermentation process and duration to achieve the desired complexity and depth that may provide a memorable experience to coffee lovers. At Gasharu coffee we believe, a cup of authentic coffee can truly connect communities. As a coffee farming family and member of a coffee farming community, our hope is that Ireme (Authentic) Gasharu Coffee will convey our motivation to connect with the consumers and their communities and build meaningful and sustainable relationships between both communities.

Process 72hr Anaerobic Natural

Grower Gasharu Coffee
Region Lake Kivu, Rwanda
Process Anaerobic Natural
Harvest February - August
Variety Red Bourbon
Altitude 1600m - 2100m